Work order

Everything related to the work order - in one place

With Mowin, you can easily create and send a work order to the staff in the field. Here you can quickly and easily add checklists, documents and important information related to the assignment.

Mowin's smart work order system

Our mobile work order can also be seen as a diary for the staff out in the field. They easily fill in working hours, materials, travel and external purchases. A couple of button presses later, the customer has received the invoice.
  • Search, sort and filter on everything
  • Compilation of search results
  • Status of the job from created, started, completed to billed
  • Internal notes
  • Save unlimited amount och documents (images, videos, pfds, etc)
  • Create your own working time codes and travel codes

From work order to invoice

With Mowin, it becomes significantly easier to invoice completed assignments. Our app for work orders is easily connected to your financial system and you don't need to deal with invoices during holidays.
  • Invoicing and partial invoicing
  • Connect your financial system with Visma and Fortnox
  • Housework with documentation exactly according to the Swedish Tax Agency's wishes
  • Print
  • Export to PDF
  • Fortnox
  • Visma eEkonomi / Administration


Lots of customers to keep track of? No problem.

With Mowin, you get full control of your existing customer base. You save as many addresses, contact persons and documents as you want - at the same time that the app is synchronized with your financial system.

Effective customer management with Mowin

In our app, you collect all your contacts in one place and can easily adjust prices and offers for each individual customer. It makes it easy for you to handle customer matters with a total overview.
  • Synchronizes with your financial system
  • Företag, privatpersoner och föreningar
  • Adjust discount or surcharge for individual customers

Unlimited customer card

With Mowin, you don't have to limit the number of registered contacts. In our system, you save quickly and easily exactly as many addresses, contact persons and documents as you want and need.
  • Save unlimited addresses
  • Save unlimited contacts
  • Save an unlimited number of documents (images, videos, pdf, etc.)

Material handling

Smart synchronization between materials, EDI and wholesalers.

Mowin makes your material handling more efficient, and is coordinated with several major electrical wholesalers and plumbing wholesalers. You can easily compare prices and the purchased material is visible directly in the case.

Automatic and takes care of itself

With Mowin, it's hard to miss anything. The system is automatically updated and is built to handle enormously large item registers. Always with price comparisons and current price lists.
  • Connections to all the most common wholesalers in electricity, plumbing, locks
  • Wholesalers' price lists are updated every day
  • Automatic update of discount letter
  • Order confirmation via EDI – Purchase and receive the material automatically on the work order

Full control over all material

All material you buy in is immediately visible on the work order. Here are tools for a good profit margin and with our smart search you will quickly find the right product from the major wholesalers.
  • Full control over price, surcharge and discount
  • Warnings in case of poor profit margin
  • Create your own price lists and articles

Time reports

Clear overview of staff hours

Mowin makes it easy to manage hours worked. All connection takes place automatically at the same time as vacation, illness or care of child is filled in directly in the system. The salary basis is then created based on your time reports.

Get full control of your hours worked

With our mobile time reporting, you can easily collect and compile the staff's working hours. You avoid handwritten timesheets and have more time for other things.
  • Overview of all employees
  • Working time is always linked to a work order
  • Red days and non-working days are clearly displayed
  • Filter by time codes
  • Print
  • Export times to PDF

You decide, Mowin adapts

Some want general monthly reports, others prefer daily time reports with exact times. Mowin adapts, as quickly as smoothly - no matter what your needs look like.
  • Monthly view, weekly view and daily view
  • Distinguish between hours worked and billable hours
  • Report the exact time or just the number of hours
  • Break date - Decide which date of the month you count from
  • Create your own internal time codes


Smooth use, nice contract

Mowin makes work easier, regardless of whether you are a one-person company or have hundreds of employees. Always with a fixed monthly price and full support. Never with a commitment period or hidden costs.

Mowin for both phone and computer

Mowin works on all platforms, both online and offline. This means that you can quickly do what you need - when and where you want. All updates happen in real time and everything is saved automatically.
  • Real-time updates – Changes made are instantly visible to all employees on all devices
  • Native apps with offline mode – iOS and Android
  • Web interface
  • Push notifications

No fixation. Always free support.

As a customer with us, you get a clear and fair contract, without a commitment period or hidden costs. Need help? No problem – our support is completely free and always close at hand.
  • No fixation
  • Free support
  • Free updates
  • Live chat with the developers - Get help or give us feedback
  • Video guides
  • Knowledge database

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