Work order

Streamline your workflow with Mowin. Create and manage work orders with ease. Perfect for electricians, plumbing, locks and alarms.

Time Reports

Mowin simplifies your time reporting. Enter your working hours with a few clicks and keep a clear overview of your working day.

Material handling

Mowin guides material selection with recommendations from previous jobs and your personal favorite lists. Smooth and precise!


Organize your work with customizable checklists. Look forward to a step-by-step guide to perfection.

Booking schedule

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Simplify your bookings with Mowin. Plan, schedule and get a full overview of your working days.


Integrate seamlessly with wholesalers such as Ahlsell and Rexel. With Mowin's EDI, material purchases are directly linked to your work order.


Keep your files organized with Mowin. Easily upload and store important documents, from work photos to other necessary documents.


Get digital signatures right on the spot. Mowin makes it easy to confirm jobs or contracts in a few seconds.


With Mowin, quick invoice documents are created that are directly connected to Fortnox and Visma. Easier and faster invoicing.

Web + apps

With Mowin on the web and our iOS and Android apps, you have constant access to work orders. Work efficiently wherever you are.

Cloud based

With Mowin in the cloud, you have constant access to your data, regardless of location or device. Cloud technology gives you the freedom to work efficiently and flexibly.

Offline mode

With Mowin you can work undisturbed, even without a network. Saved data is automatically synced when you're online again. Effective and reliable!

Free support

Need help? With Mowin, we are just a call away. Enjoy free and dedicated support when you need it most.

No bindingtime

Mowin values ​​your choice. No commitment period gives you the flexibility to stay for our service, not forced contracts.

4.9 on Google

Why choose Mowin? Ask our customers! With 4.9 on Google, you can see that we are a reliable choice. Thank you for your trust!

Stable, safe and lots of smart features.

And a fantastic price.


Full control. All the way from start to invoicing.

From work order, material handling and time reporting to invoicing. All data is stored in the cloud and updated at lightning speed so that all employees always have the latest information. No more wasted paper and you do not have to spend the weekend on invoicing.

Mowin is packed with smart features!


Integrations to everything you might need.

Smart integration to both financial systems (ERP) and electricity wholesalers (EDI).

With access to all functions in the app, you can create your order directly in the queue at the wholesaler. We will update your price lists!


From SEK 349 / month. And always free support.

Mowin is specially adapted for you who work in electricity and plumbing. We offer the market's simplest and most transparent pricing model for digital project management tools. Reduce your administration and get full control of assignments and projects.

No lock-in period and free support. Try Mowin for free.

Try Mowin for free!

Try Mowin with all functions and integrations completely free of charge.

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